Shit Balls

November 20, 2016 QueenJTT 2

Our crotchfruit were invited to a birthday party at one of those huge indoor playground type places–you know, the kind that you need two valiums […]


November 17, 2016 QueenJTT 3

Overheard: Squirrel Master: STOP HITTING ME! Rasslin: I’m not hitting you, I’m putting you in a cradle. Squirrel Master: I don’t put you in cradles […]


October 18, 2016 QueenJTT 6

Squirrel Master:  <pensively> Sooo…Mom?  Does milk just go bad like all at once?  One minute it’s good and the next…boom.  Rotten.  Is that what happens? […]


May 3, 2016 QueenJTT 1

SM: Hey Mom? Can dolls ever come to life? Me: Ummm, I don’t think so. Velvet: Mom, don’t lie. <pointedly> They TOTALLY come to life […]