January 12, 2017 QueenJTT 1

I have finally succumbed to The Sickness that has been making its rounds. My crotchfruit have been hacking and coughing, but I probably caught my […]


December 21, 2016 QueenJTT 1

Squirrel Master: “Mom? Can I have some of your bacon?” Me: “I don’t have any bacon.” Squirrel Master: “Yes huh. I smell it.” Me: “While […]


December 15, 2016 QueenJTT 2

And now for a brief stroll down Memory Lane… The Squirrel Master brought home his weekly class work and handed me a stack of papers […]


December 12, 2016 QueenJTT 2

A few summers back, Rah-rah had an asscrack-of-dawn cheer practice.  So despite a somewhat ominous sky, I took the kids to the pool while we waited for […]

Fires in Tennessee

November 29, 2016 QueenJTT 7

The Squirrel Master was horrified when he learned about the fires in Tennessee. We recently visited the area and he asked to see pictures of […]