February 18, 2018 QueenJTT 0

I’m having a rough time. When I have a rough time, I like to write it out. Sometimes it helps to read what I’ve written […]


August 16, 2017 QueenJTT 1

My crotchfruit were starving and I knew we didn’t have much in the way of groceries, so we stopped at a local Mexican restaurant to […]


August 8, 2017 QueenJTT 2

Earlier this summer Rah-rah suffered an age old, right of passage: she was dumped without warning on social media with a vague and somewhat inapplicable […]


May 9, 2017 QueenJTT 4

Rah-rah’s sixteenth birthday was kind of a let down for her, though after living with me for sixteen years, she knows I absolutely suck at […]


May 2, 2017 QueenJTT 0

Radio: <blaring> CAT SCRATCH FEVAH! CAT SCRATCH FEVAHHHH! CAT SCRATCH FEVAH! Rah-rah: <with disgust> What IS this noise you’re listening to? Me: <offhandedly> Some crappy […]