April 10, 2017 QueenJTT 1

In honor of Sibling Day…seriously, who thought that stupid shit up?  I thought I’d reminisce a bit.  I often enjoy a trip down Memory Lane. […]


January 15, 2017 QueenJTT 0

And now, for a trip down Memory Lane. When ten-year old Velvet received an assignment where she had to conduct an interview with a parent concerning […]

Let Er Happen

December 18, 2016 QueenJTT 0

It’s time to share with you a legend from way back–before I was born. This is one of those tales that has been told and […]


December 15, 2016 QueenJTT 2

And now for a brief stroll down Memory Lane… The Squirrel Master brought home his weekly class work and handed me a stack of papers […]


November 28, 2016 QueenJTT 2

When Mr. Tip and I first got married, I had a job as a bartender. A girl that worked with me was also a part-time […]