November 1, 2016 QueenJTT 11

I try to avoid sharing my political views.  I’m intelligent enough to acknowledge that my stance will generally not change yours.  So I’ve tiptoed around […]


July 16, 2016 QueenJTT 0

Awhile back, Mr. Tip and I were at a party. He had to be at work by 11 so he brought his uniform to change […]

Back the Blue

July 8, 2016 QueenJTT 1

Hate and mindless rage has ripped our country apart. It is shredding humanity and it has shattered so many hearts to pieces. We are divided […]

Orlando Shooting

June 13, 2016 QueenJTT 1

It isn’t often I struggle to find words. I’ve been laboring over how to express my heartfelt sorrow and grief concerning the Orlando shooting. On […]