I try to avoid sharing my political views.  I’m intelligent enough to acknowledge that my stance will generally not change yours.  So I’ve tiptoed around the minefield that is this ShitShow of an election.  Then “BOOM”.  I unwittingly stomped right in the middle of a dormant grenade and unleashed my trademark giving of zero fucks.

Before I wasn’t willing to lose friends.  Now I don’t care.  Maybe I don’t have many actual friends for a reason.

Look, I get it.

Half of you hate Trump.  Half of you hate Hillary.  I personally hate the goddamn media and the shitshow it’s created.screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-1-16-24-pm

We are in the midst of a civil war, where sides are chosen based on a person’s support of a specific candidate for leader of the free world.  You don’t know facts, you only know what the media has presented.  The two fuckwits running for president don’t give a rat’s ass about you or your current situation.  Our nation has checked its dignity at the door.

Our government is corrupt.  The men and women who run that bitch in Washington DC are crooked and twisted and powerful and terrifying.   They do shit every single day we know nothing about, things that directly impact our health, our finances, our security and our freedoms.  But because it’s not splashed all over on your Facebook feed, it’s of no consequence.

I call bullshit.

I don’t know much about the science of politics, (though I passed that college course with flying colors at a liberal-as-hell-university back in the early 2000s) but I can tell you this: When Barak Obama took office in 2008, my heart did not break every time my husband put on his uniform and his badge and left for work.  Today?  I endure The Darkness every time he walks out that door, suffering in his absence, wondering if I will be widowed by morning and forced to raise our children alone.  Eight years ago I could afford to go to the doctor.  Now?  Despite relatively decent private insurance coverage, I can’t always buy the medicine my son needs to address his deficits.  I’m simply not sick enough to add another astronomical amount to the mountain of bills that sits on my desk, waiting to be paid.

While I can’t be anything other than who I am—a middle-class white girl, mostly happily married and living in the suburbs with a shitload of kids—I strive to understand the plight of those who look differently than I do. Who think differently. Who were raised differently.


And all I can see is hate and division. You are one side or you are the other. At this point you cannot be recruited and your mind will not be changed.

A few weeks ago my daughter wore a shirt to school in support of a specific candidate. Three of her peers suggested she “do the world a favor and kill herself”. Seriously? FUCKING SERIOUSLY? She isn’t even old enough to VOTE. Her generation has been conditioned to HATE–without mercy.

The media keeps slinging mud and shit and glistening entrails and we are supposed to sift through the muck and carnage to decide what’s best for our country.  There is no such thing as unbiased reporting anymore.

My honest hope is that we can see past the smoke and mirrors and realize that hate and anger have systematically awakened a monster in each of us.  Our misguided rage is not empowering our humanity, it is fueling a societal nightmare that is pushing us past the brink of insanity.


Next Tuesday this particular ShitShow will conclude and another circus will begin. You will vote for change, or you will vote for things to stay the same.  A Blue pill/Red pill Matrix moment.  Both outcomes are terrifying.  And after the punchline of this particular joke is revealed, we, as a people, will have a choice to make.

We will either feed our inner monsters, turn against our brothers and sisters, close our minds and embrace the hatred that’s shredding us, or we will we seek what we’ve been stripped of.  I pray we are able to cast aside the radical divisions that are breaking our spirits and move forward.

Get the fuck over yourselves.  Embrace the light.  It’s still there, somewhere.

Peace, love and ZFG, Tippers.



  1. Sad, but true. I would say amen. But now it is considered offensive to show any personal beliefs that differ with the media. Or the greatest evil of all. Popular opinion. But frankly like you. I just don’t give a damn what anybody thinks. And here is why. There is an old saying my grandmother use to say before she died. And it goes something like this, “If God and the devil both know. Who the hell else does it matter?” Truer words I’ve never heard. As for all the hate and anger in the world. She also liked to say, “Don’t feed a fire unless you want it to grow.” That said. Keep doing what you’re doing. There aren’t enough people out there with a spine and the back bone to use it. Never stop being you. Well done.

  2. Amen, and God Bless you and yours Sister Tip!

    UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL and as far as I can see where division is getting larger not smaller and thatfuckingsucksballs!!!


  3. I am not so much concerned with Trump as the President, I am more so concerned with whom he is choosing for his cabinet. He is a shitty businessman, and the people he is selecting in his cabinet are almighty high and mighty extremely right leaning people who know nothing, or give zero fucks about the society of America. Hillary herself has blood on her hands, but really what politician does not?

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