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1. My name is JTT. I believe in peace and love, but I use all the swears. Sometimes in a single sentence. Because I decided the word “fuck” was no longer offensive enough, I occasionally make up new creative epithets like “douche-swilling snatch maggot” or “swamp-gashed thundercunt”. I am also the self appointed Queen of Everything.

2. I have been with my husband, Mr. Tip, for exactly half of my life. We’ve only been married 17 years though, so I guess we are technically in the ‘honeymoon phase’. Which is to say his uniform still turns me on. Oh yeah, he’s also a cop. Who also says all the swears but “fuck” is his favorite.

3. We have four amazing crotchfruit. Rah-rah is 15, Velvet is 13, Rasslin is 12 and Squirrel Master is 10. If you stick around you’ll get to know each of them–they are gorgeous and funny and talented and unfiltered and shocking and total assholes from time to time. It makes for excellent material.

4. My parenting style is unorthodox, crass and offensive to most. My Tiplets will definitely need therapy but our unending love for them has never been in question. They are my heart.

5. We have a stable full of equine asshats, a couple of labs, a pocket princess, a few pussies perusing the premises and a foul-mouthed African Gray parrot named Cisco. His favorite word is “shit” but he’s also familiar with “fuck”. I do not have peacocks, though I long for allthedamnpeacocks. Our HOA says “no”.

6. I often write about my take on current events. These articles are not meant to be inflammatory, but if they are, I don’t give a shit. I’m always up for a good discussion but hateful, judgmental thundertwonks are typically banned after being flogged.

7. ZFG. We live and die by this motto=Zero Fucks Given. Except where they are truly warranted. If you find yourself upset over something you read here, you are probably doing it wrong. Take a deep breath and try again. If you’re still butthurt feel free to leave the same way you came.

8. I sometimes offer relevant badass t-shirt designs and will promote them here as I see fit. I have a give away happening right now and I haven’t done a damn thing to get the word out. Because ZFG. If you want a free Dear Cancer shirt the contest will end sometime in the morning, I’ll attach the post to the top of the page so you can find it. Enter, don’t, ZFG. There are plenty given for cancer, however.

9. I wrote a book. You can find it on Amazon. It’s called “The Queen of Everything: Tips on Life, Love, Parenting and Peacocks”. I’m working on another one. Sort of. Not really. You can find it by clicking the “shop now” button around here somewhere.

Welcome to Just the Tip…of the iceberg. A glimpse into the life of a happily married and mostly sober mother of four.




  1. Loving it so far! But, dang!!! I’m gonna have to read while I’m at work. LOTS more content on here than I was expecting!!! I keep looking for a “like” button on each story LOL (would help me keep up with the stories I’ve read a whole lot easier)

  2. You and the family are fantastic, eventually I will get around to reading ALLTHEPOSTS. I am off of school for the next month, so hereshoping! 🙂

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